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    Operating Regulations for Home Appliances Coating Equipment

    Date of issue:2021-05-20 Author: Click:

    Operating Regulations for Home Appliances Coating Equipment

    (1) Equipment operators must be proficient in the structure, performance, operation, and maintenance methods of various machines, and be used by dedicated personnel and responsible for them.

    (2) When operating woodworking machinery, wear work clothes and tighten cuffs. Female comrades must wear work hats and put their braids in the hats; gloves, scarves, etc. are not allowed to operate.

    (3) The machine must be tested before starting to work, and the parts can only start to work after normal operation. Note: If the ignition fails once or twice; it is better to open the burner fan for a while to exhaust the gas in the furnace before the second test.

    (4) The shafts, chains, pulleys, belts and other moving parts of the equipment shall be equipped with protective covers and protective plates.

    (5) If there is any abnormality or other failures during the operation of the machine, the power supply should be cut off immediately and the machine should be stopped for maintenance.

    (6) (Household appliances coating equipment) The surrounding area of the equipment is mostly flammable, so fireworks should be strictly prohibited.

    (7) When debugging and maintaining the equipment, the main power supply must be cut off.

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